Field Day Camp – Session 1 Recap

SESSION 1 RECAP: Last week was the inaugural Field Day Camp. It was hard to contain my excitement – honestly, it felt like the first day of school. The campers had sent videos ahead of the first session to share their favorite places, which was a helpful introduction for me and hopefully a good way for them to be introduced to the camp. Once we got going, it was really nice to meet each of them and hear more about who they are.

Field Day Session 1

IMPORTANT! As part of the camp we’re trying to raise funds for La Casa de Amistad, an organization that serves people in a variety of ways – but importantly they facilitate a community food pantry. If you haven’t already, please donate $25 to their COVID-19 Fundraiser. They saw the people they serve quadruple this last week. This small support is an opportunity for us to help some of the most vulnerable during this pandemic.

WHAT WE TALKED ABOUT: We started with an introduction to meet the fellow campers. We have attendees from around the Country, so this is an exciting opportunity to connect and learn about each other. We hope to do this in different ways as we continue. Following this, the session had two main parts:

  • We discussed the concepts of “place” and “landscape”, their power to connect people to each other and to new ideas, the general process of design, and the responsibility of stewardship for all landscape architects. The examples we shared highlighted some of the campers’ favorite places, which was a fun tie-in.
  • We also completed an activity that demonstrated how our brains fill in some of the details when we draw things we are observing. Each part of the activity – drawing with our eyes closed, drawing the space between objects, drawing silhouettes – highlighted the concepts of positive and negative spaces. They also were aimed at helping the campers be more perceptive to what they were drawing and focus on the details.

ACTIVITIES: This first week we wanted to reinforce abstract thinking and highlight the difference between positive and negative space. If you’re looking for some different types of activities that would help reinforce the same concepts, here’s a short list:

  • Draw something with your eyes open (concrete). Now draw the same thing with your eyes closed (abstract). How are the pictures similar?
  • Name as many animals as you can in a minute (concrete). Then name as many things as you can that start with the letter “S” in a minute (abstract). Switch categories or letters.
  • Play “Same and Different” – An example you could use: How are apples and oranges the same and how are the different? Use different ways to categorize them.

Ujijji Davis

VIDEOS: A couple of great short videos to share between now and next week, both highlighting landscape architecture and women. I especially liked Ujijji Davis’ message about resiliency and self-confidence. Check them out:

UNTIL NEXT WEEK: Every day, when I drop my kids off at school, I tell them the same thing: Be kind, be brave, and be good leaders.

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