100. Celebrate the Best Week Ever: Best Wednesday Ever Block Party

“Cities fail and succeed at the scale of human interaction.” – Ethan Kent


Many great opportunities to participate in the Best Week Ever will undoubtedly flood your emails and Facebook events all week.  While there are many reasons to love South Bend, I find no better reason than its people.  Our neighbors and community support us, celebrate with us, and broaden our perspectives.  It is these interactions that we must reinforce to truly make our cities better.

Bringing back the Ethnic Festival may have been the beginning for the Best Week Ever and it’s often cited as a sorely missed event from South Bend’s past. And why not? The festival showcased the diversity of our community, telling a rich and layered story that reflected our own histories.  I miss the Ethnic Festival.  Not the Midway rides that you can get at any carnival, which brought turf violence.  I miss the food and the music and the experience of culture.  I loved the way it tucked into different spaces throughout the streets that brought a greater understanding of the city itself (the places and the people).  In planning, it brought together a great many people to pull together the event; from across municipal, commercial, and residential boundaries.

If you’re looking for a semblance of that experience – the culture, the people, the authenticity, and the vibrancy – West Side Wednesday and it’s Best Wednesday Ever event has all of that while also building a stronger community on the West Side.  It is an experience of South Bend through its past, present, and now a future that we have the opportunity to help create.




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