91. Establish a Neighborhood Solar Co-op

Neighborhood solar.jpg

What if an entire neighborhood had all of its electricity needs met?  Attractive place to live, right?  Now imagine the impact to a neighborhood previously high in “Vacant and Abandoned” property.  This sort of investment could systemically benefit the community.  Converting the residents from passive consumers of energy to active producers would be both empowering and environmentally beneficial.

A solar co-op helps educate neighbors with the benefits, helps with navigating daunting available incentives options, and could negotiate group installation rates to drive down cost.  In some areas, investment may still be needed to bridge the cost gap between incentives, rebates, and renewable energy credit sales.  However, with increasing energy prices, the cost savings could be enough to attract investors at a neighborhood scale.

Resilient Communities website posted more Solar Co-ops, which you can read here:

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