61. Sacred Space Art Installations

Art is a unifying element.  It helps make invisible and abstract concepts more accessible and concrete.  Which is exactly what spiritual health is all about; a way to process the world.  The interpretations that artists offer on different topics helps us process meaning and look at the world in new ways and through different lenses.

A couple of designers I’d like to highlight as this pertains to physical space, though on opposite ends of the spectrum: Samuel Mockbee and his social justice work with Rural Studio and Eero Saarinen, who often fused art and architecture to communicate higher ideals.  While each are famous for a number of projects, I’d like to showcase first Mockbee’s take on the art, architecture, social justice, and sacred space with these different chapels.  Saarinen’s work below that, is the chapel at MIT and North Christian Church (incidentally in Columbus Indiana).


Rural Studio Chapel 2.jpg

Eero Saarinen 1.jpg

Eero Saarinen 2.jpg

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