34. Use Buildings As Canvases

Modern architecture has provided us with some great “blank” canvases.  The building space could be used to provide updates, advertise for community events, and even serve as temporary art space.  Frequently updating projection tiles could have mobile integration providing users additional information if scanned by a smartphone or tablet.

Using social media, participants could vote on artwork to display, share photos of events (like Sunburst seen above), or participate in global events like the Timesquare ball drop via simulcast. Or like this art exhibition, Vivid Sydney, we could use buildings to feature a digital art display.


images (1) building as canvas

South Bend has started to do this with the River Lights and using the Century Center brick walls to display messages. The more we integrate messaging and adapt the digital to best fit the canvas, the more efficacy we’ll have from this type of communication.

River Lights.jpg

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