29.Create the Public Space Gallery

Several times I’ve met people for interviews and when asked about good photo op spots, I always respond: Leeper Park Island.  It’s easily one of my favorite spots in the city, which is why I’m always stunned when I’m met with the response: “Great! Where’s that??”

In other conversations, I’ve often heard people lamenting the loss of so many beautiful pieces of architecture.  While I don’t disagree, I also don’t think we do a great job of highlighting the architecture we do have.  In one particular conversation, a fellow Tactical Urbanist and I thought how great it would be to call attention specific views of buildings.  It was like we needed a sign that read, “Look up here”.

public space gallery 2

public space gallery 3

That conversation is what led me to enjoy this concept from Broken City Lab, entitled “Public Space Gallery”.  What a great way to celebrate the existing beauty of city.  This could be a very purposeful tour or just serendipitous in the way the signs are posted.  I prefer the latter discovery of a city, but laying out this sort of framework certainly would aid in introducing people to South Bend.

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