23. Pop-up Mini-Golf

First thought, it would be fun to do this on the top of one of the parking garages downtown with a great view of the City.  Special precaution would have to be taken to insure no wandering golf balls make their way off of the garage, but using the often occupied space for a unique purpose would certainly spark some intrigue in the downtown.  Another location that could benefit from this type of temporary programming is the vacant lots and parking areas that occupy so much land throughout the cities.

Primarily, it’s important to think of spaces as having multiple purposes, to squeeze the most value out of them as possible.  Having the spaces locked into only one use (parking), means that those spaces sit empty for the rest of the time, contributing to a vacant aesthetic that municipalities cannot afford.  The value of land is higher than that and these pop-up concepts can help maximize that value, with minimal risk through time or economic capital invested.  Plus, they add an element of fun to our public spaces.

Popup minigolf 5

pop-up mini golf

pop-up mini golf 4

pop-up mini golf 2

For more ideas, check out this link to a traveling pop-up minigolf business that shows up for birthday parties: http://www.lapopupminigolf.com/

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