14. Start A Timeraiser Campaign

Raising money can be tough, especially with so many important efforts that need support. Needless to say, there are a lot of reasons people can’t afford to participate in fundraising efforts.  What if, rather than supporting an endeavor via cash contribution, you could find a meaningful way to participate.  Enter Timeraiser.


According to their website:

Timeraiser is a volunteer matching fair, a silent art auction, and a night out on the town. The big Timeraiser twist is rather than bid money on artwork, participants bid volunteer hours.

Throughout the evening, participants meet with various non-profit organizations in the room to find available volunteer opportunities that meet their needs. Once matches are made, the bidding can begin. Winning bidders have 12 months to complete their pledge in order to bring the artwork home as a reminder of their goodwill.

When I think about the great many nonprofit organizations doing work in St. Joseph County, choosing one to donate to, let alone volunteer with can be daunting.  It’s not enough to just be aware of an organization, I’d like to know what is the impact of my participation. Connecting with the organizations that do the most with their donations and that have the biggest community benefit is a valuable opportunity.

I can picture a timeraising effort through the Give Local Campaign that the Community Foundation champions.

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