11. Host Simultaneous Neighborhood Block Parties Across the City

Best. Block Party. Ever.  I’m picturing every South Bend neighborhood, from Lincoln Park to Marquette to Sunnymeade to the Triangle, hosting cook-outs and meet-n-greets to celebrate community.  Juggling schedules with my family means that despite being actively involved, we can’t make it to many of the big events held here.  But a neighborhood block party meets us where we are.  As we mentioned yesterday, neighborhoods are the lifeblood of cities.  They foster day-to-day interaction and with that, much deeper personal relationships than what typically happens across cities.  So, if you want to create vitality in a city, let’s create a mechanism to better support block parties.  If you want to create attachment, foster community at all scales.



Marquette Park hosts a 4th of July parade every year (as many neighborhoods do).  While it’s brief, we meet with our local fire station, kids ride bikes and explore the fire trucks, we have a parade, and we all stand around the breakfast potluck in my front yard.  It’s hard to express how incredible the experience is.  Even our local council member shows up.

Everyone from Good Housekeeping to the Chicago Tribune have written about block parties and how to make them successful.  A little community goes a long way.


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