2.Use Artifacts from Drewry’s Site for Park


Muessel Grove Park is much like any other South Bend park: active recreation components like playgrounds and ball courts, canopy trees, and lots of lawn.  Adjacent to that park, is the former Drewry’s Brewery property that is rapidly being torn down after years of decline. One way to set apart Muessel Grove Park from the rest of the City’s parks would be to maintain some remnants of the industrial past, like some of the towers and storage silos.  These could be repurposed artistically, like the featured image, or just become landmarks within the park similar to Gas Works Park in Seattle.  That park was recently featured as one of the “10 Parks That Changed America” and has won national design Awards, left intact much of a coal gasification plant with some pieces standing as ruins, while others have been reconditioned, painted, and incorporated into a children’s “play barn” structure, constructed in part from what was the plant’s exhauster-compressor building.  This would certainly add character to Muessel Grove Park, in a way that supports the park space, not one that takes away from it as the fallen buildings had done.


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